Thursday, October 28, 2010

Qualicum Beach,BC

Left Mayook on August 15, 2010 for Qualicum Beach to visit our friends Rob & Cindy. We spent 5 wonderful days touring the area, fishing, crabbing, eating, drinking, etc ... little sleeping ...!! We went to the Old Country Market in Coombs where the goats graze on the rooftops, did some shopping and then went for dinner to a little restaurant for fish & chips ... mmmm ... halibut !

On August 18 we were all ready to go out to do some salmon fishing and trap us some prawns ... we took the boat to French Creek Harbour, launched it and away we went ... NOT ... tried to get out to the open water and had to turn around and head back ... the weather turned on us ... nasty, wind, huge waves ... whitecaps ... ! So disappointed that we were not able to go out on the ocean. Rob & Cindy decided that we would travel to Nanaimo to catch some crabs off the wharf. We were delighted ... lot's of crab ... yeah, dinner for that night. Enjoyed our time with our dear friends, lot's of fun, hugs & kisses ....!

We left the next day for Port Alberni for our fishing adventure in Bamfield.


  1. did a great job..I am so proud of you....I am looking forward to reading your blog while I am away...

  2. I am impressed!!!
    Thanks for the cookies today and the hug..