Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy 75th Birthday ...

Birthday Celebration !
Love you mom !

The family (except for Ian who was working out of town) were home for Thanksgiving weekend. We decided to celebrate this special birthday at the Heritage Inn for Sunday Brunch on Oct 10, 2010. Joining us were a few neighbours and friends. It was wonderful to see the great-grandchildren gathered around Oma ... with a little more help than I think Oma expected with her gift opening ... funny ... the children were disappointed for Oma that out of all her Birthday Cards no one had given her any MONEY ... !!! They think that money is the best gift ever to go buy whatever they want ... !!

After a few hours, (the children were getting bored as you can see them rolling out on the hallway floor) of feasting on the buffet, visiting, laughing we all headed home. Wishing you love, peace, health and happiness always ...!!! Now living on Vancouver Island to avoid the harsh winter in the Kootenays. Oh dear ... what was that I heard ? That it is a winter wonderland there ... laughing out loud ... thought you could get away without the white stuff ... hope you have a great day trudging thru the SNOW ... !!


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  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom, wonderful to be able to celebrate with so many of the family the money comment!