Friday, November 12, 2010

Preparing for winter ...

We spent the last few weeks preparing for the winter season. We cleared
trees around the house and the boiler wood pile area. Dragged the trees
out into the field to be able to work on them out in the open, took us a
day to de-limb, stack the logs in the back corner to dry for
firewood then had a fire to burn the slash pile. In the
meantime, Mike decided to install a new boiler heating system. That
was another days work and with the help of our neighbour, we did manage
to remove the old boiler and place the new one. Took Mike a few
more hours to hook up the system before we had heat again. Job well
done ... !!!!

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  1. Mmmm Cookies... Love the Blog page, its like having a little visit with you every morning:) Keep it up it looks great. Love Kendall