Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rural Roads ....

Gingerbread & Glitter Christmas Craft Fair

On display products from Rural Roads (Natures Little Treasures)
Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, Bubble Bath and Bath Scrubs

Kendall has started a new business of natural bath products. This was her first experience of displaying her products. It was a successful weekend and we are so proud of her new venture. Wish her all the best as she travels down this "Rural Road"

And yes, this was her little helper ... Daigen ... we went to check out the fair and he decided it was better for him to monitor the situation from behind he table. What a charmer ...!!!

There was a silent auction of Christmas Trees and decorations with in the hall. This wreath is from Daigens school, and somewhere on the wreath is a Gingerbread man that he created.

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  1. Wow...wonderful photos..great name for Kendall's business..great the little D.